Clinical Cases

Watch one of the following clinical use cases and learn how dentists apply Teethan in their day-to-day treatment routines.

1. How Teethan allows to design a clinical case

2. Teethan in a case of vertical dimension loss in aesthetic area

3. The functionalized splint in place of the orthotic device
4. The Orthotic Bite as a conclusive clinical solution
5. Mandibular deviation with asymmetry of the occlusion plane (non-surgical solution)
6. Closing small diastemas, so easy!
7. Orthodontics with pre-existing TMJ pathology
8. VDO restoration with post-extraction full-arches rehabilitation with immediate loading
9. Balancing the occlusion during the final phase of a full-arch rehabilitation on implants
10. VDO correction in full mouth implant-prosthetic rehabilitation
11. Full digital "teethan guided" implanto-prosthetic rehabilitation
12. Rebalance of the lower splint in patients with headaches and tinnitus
13. Condyle disc incoordination treated with repositioning aligner
14. Occlusal check in orthodontic treatment with dentoskeletal asymmetry
15. Increase of VDO in patients with severe abrasions

16. Osteopathic treatment for patients with muscle lock
17. Patient monitoring with fixed rehabilitation
18. Splint treatment in a bruxer patient through osteopathic approach
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