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4 March 2022

Children with Bruxism: low level laser treatment (LLLT) to acupoints

24 February 2022

Wake-time Tooth Clenching with Music

18 February 2022

Teethan’s technologies at the international event Expodental Madrid 2022

21 January 2022

Survey on the level of digitalization in dental practices

21 December 2021

How was the 2021 Teethan Survey?

22 November 2021

How to prevent orthodontic relapse

21 November 2021

DVO assessment with Teethan: successful tool in the digital workflow of large implant rehabilitations

13 November 2021

Teethan analysis as a tool to implement predictability in Full-Arch implant rehabilitations

30 October 2021

Parafunctions: bruxism and dental occlusion

28 October 2021

All-on-four® guided implant rehabilitation – Clinical case with EMG protocol proposal

26 October 2021

When the jaw clicks

25 October 2021

The Salad Mystery: can chewing lettuce leaves really break a prosthesis? The electromyography at the service of our investigation

22 October 2021

Implant-supported rehabilitation with patient’s imbalance analysis through combined technique: EMG, postural platform and occlusal-postural semeiotics

22 October 2021

Detection of dental malocclusion in a scientific way

15 October 2021

Oral injuries in contact sports: the role of the mouthguard

Introduction to the clinical problem​ Sports activity can have repercussions on the psychophysical health of an athlete to the point of compromising, in some cases, their […]
25 September 2021

Skeletal and postural effects of elastodontic therapy

17 September 2021

Complete rehabilitation with restoration of the vertical dimension of the lower third of the face

29 June 2021

EMG-driven planning and follow-up of implant-supported maxillary rehabilitation

10 May 2021

5 reasons to get Teethan in your dental practice

29 March 2021

Teethan in descending diseases

4 February 2021

What is dental occlusion?

28 October 2020

Temporomandibular joint evaluation in cases of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

27 October 2020

Surface electromyography of masticatory and neck muscles in patient with temporomandibular disorders and headache

26 June 2020

How teethan can help you in prosthetic rehabilitation

30 May 2020

Proper dental occlusion ensures a satisfied patient

26 April 2020

Teethan and orthodontics

30 March 2020

The balance of mastication between centric relation (r.c.) and maximum intercuspation (m.i.)

26 March 2020

Digital analysis of dental occlusion in just 3 minutes

21 March 2020

Masticatory muscle evaluation in patients with crossbite after rapid palatal expander treatment

13 March 2020

Adjusting occlusal appliance by functional evaluation of muscle activity

28 February 2020

Aesthetic-functional rehabilitation of upper and lower arches

9 February 2020

Headache and dental occlusion, a possible correlation

5 February 2020

Management of TMD by means of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

13 January 2020

Temporomandibular disorders treatment efficacy assessment

25 November 2019

Alternative treatment in approaching Cranio-Mandibular disorders: capacitive-resistive diathermy

21 October 2019

Dental malocclusion in children

26 April 2019

Teethan: dental innovation 100% Made in Italy

20 December 2018

How was the 2018 Teethan Survey?