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  • Dr. José Manuel Torres Hortelano
    "Teethan® surface electromyography system helps exploring the relationship between dental occlusion and one’s neuromuscular system, guiding us in achieving mandibular stability that supports the adaptation of the masticatory system and improves the masticatory function of patients."
    Dr. José Manuel Torres Hortelano
  • "Teethan helps the patient understand their situation in terms of occlusal balance. A very simple, practical and visual way of communication between patients and professionals. Dentist, physiotherapist, patient information."
    Dr. Andrés Gandolfo Santoja
  • Dr-Ramos
    "Teethan is a simple and intuitive tool that allows, in real time and non-invasively, the evaluation of the masticatory muscles in a dynamic way in patients with occlusal instability, oral rehabilitation and/or temporomandibular pathologies at the beginning and during treatment."
    Dr. Francisco Ramos
  • Dr-Smelt
    "Thanks to Teethan's advanced technology and ease of use, I am able to adjust my patients' occlusion more accurately and quickly. An indispensable tool in my daily treatments."
    Dr. Allan Smelt
  • “By allowing me to monitor the finalization of the structures of the stomatognathic system, Teethan helps me to obtain a stable and balanced occlusion over time."
    Dott. Ettore Accivile
  • “A compass in the prosthetic rehabilitation. It helps me to understand the patient’s muscular work and to identify the latero-deviations. It’s helpful throughout differential diagnosis and in all treatment phases.”
    Dott. Luca Ortensi
  • "Teethan helps me fine-tuning each first dental visit. The device supports my experience in the diagnostic framing of the patient. It is indispensable for the elaboration of a correct treatment plan."
    Dott. Antonino Cacioppo
  • “Teethan helps me to answer many questions: did I correctly balance this occlusion? Could an occlusal overload damage my work or the patient’s teeth?”
    Dott. Alessandro Nanussi