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  • “By allowing me to monitor the finalization of the structures of the stomatognathic system, Teethan helps me to obtain a stable and balanced occlusion over time."
    Dott. Ettore Accivile
  • “A compass in the prosthetic rehabilitation. It helps me to understand the patient’s muscular work and to identify the latero-deviations. It’s helpful throughout differential diagnosis and in all treatment phases.”
    Dott. Luca Ortensi
  • "Teethan helps me fine-tuning each first dental visit. The device supports my experience in the diagnostic framing of the patient. It is indispensable for the elaboration of a correct treatment plan."
    Dott. Antonino Cacioppo
  • “Teethan helps me to answer many questions: did I correctly balance this occlusion? Could an occlusal overload damage my work or the patient’s teeth?”
    Dott. Alessandro Nanussi


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