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Teethan exam

Teethan is the 1° medical device, completely wireless, able to detect in an easy, quick and non-invasive way the scientific parameters of dental occlusion.

Quick: the exam with Teethan lasts only 3 minutes.
Easy: Teethan is very simple to use and requires no changes to the study and the way of operating.
Accurate: 20 years of scientific research have demonstrated the repeatability and reliability of the evaluation protocol.

Easy to use

Teethan allows you to quickly and easily perform an exam to verify your patient's denatal occlusion in real time.

Digital Transition

The digital examination carried out with Teethan allows you to document over time, with objectivable information, the patient’s starting conditions and the results obtained.


Teethan is 4 products:


Teethan 4 probes

Teethan is the 1° medical device, completely wireless, able to detect in an easy, quick and non-invasive way the scientific parameters of dental occlusion.

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TMJOINT is an innovative tool for the functional analysis of dental occlusion. it allows to evaluate the activity of the main masticatory muscles, anterior temporalis and masseter, with the possibility to evaluate also sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles of the cervical region.

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A digital system for measuring the movement. It consists of a wearable sensor (medical device) and a software that provides clinical reports.

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A little gym for the mouth. ALIFIX is a soft and balanced support for teeth that relaxes the mouth and neck while swallowing.

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Teethan in daily clinic practice

  • First visit

    Teethan allows a more precise diagnosis, standing out of competitors thanks to advanced technology.
  • Splints and occlusion

    Teethan allows an immediate test and bites functionalization, checking VDO rise or any occlusion changes.
  • Gnathology

    Teethan analyzes the muscular components in dysfunctional patients and allows you to verify if the patient supports the treatment.
  • Prosthetic rehabilitation

    Teethan is a guide to restore the patient’s functionality. It helps in detecting several problematic factors.
  • Orthodontics

    Teethan allows a verification of the achievement of a balanced occlusion avoiding relapses.


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When the jaw clicks


Teethan technology

The Teethan exam consists of two measurements of muscle activity in maximum intercuspation:

the first one, carried out by placing two cotton rolls between the upper and lower teeth, is for calibration

the second one, carried out in natural intercuspation, allows you to detect the occlusal parameters

Each test lasts 5 seconds and at the end Teethan generates the values of the recorded muscle activity.

Discover Teethan
  • “By allowing me to monitor the finalization of the structures of the stomatognathic system, Teethan helps me to obtain a stable and balanced occlusion over time."
    Dott. Ettore Accivile
  • “A compass in the prosthetic rehabilitation. It helps me to understand the patient’s muscular work and to identify the latero-deviations. It’s helpful throughout differential diagnosis and in all treatment phases.”
    Dott. Luca Ortensi
  • "Teethan helps me fine-tuning each first dental visit. The device supports my experience in the diagnostic framing of the patient. It is indispensable for the elaboration of a correct treatment plan."
    Dott. Antonino Cacioppo
  • “Teethan helps me to answer many questions: did I correctly balance this occlusion? Could an occlusal overload damage my work or the patient’s teeth?”
    Dott. Alessandro Nanussi

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