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What is Teethan

Teethan is a digital system for dentists that measures the dental occlusion balancing

Why Teethan?

Because it makes your work worthwhile allowing you to communicate visually through clear and easy reports the effectiveness of your interventions

Who is Teethan for

More than 400 dentist’s offices have already chosen Teethan

How it works

For the evaluation of dental occlusion, the patient should perform 2 clenches of 5 seconds each, the first one with salivary rolls, the second one without.

After the two clenches the test is completed and the digital analysis of the occlusion can be printed out. During the patient’s session you can carry out as many tests as you like;  each time you will spend 5 seconds at most.




We chose Teethan because in a few easy steps it allows you to evaluate with absolute accuracy the occlusal balancing of all our patients, from the first appointment to specific orthodontic, prosthetic and implant-prosthetic treatments. Today, after more than two years of use, I can state that it has become an irreplaceable exam in our daily practice.

Antonino Cacioppo

I deal with patients with dysfunctions, and I need to integrate the clinical diagnosis with instrumental evaluations. I use different approaches to objectify the situation of the temporomandibular joint, but there is only one irreplaceable system to evaluate the muscles function and use their response in order to balance the occlusion: Teethan.


Alessandro Nanussi

Here at MCO technology supporting the diagnostic study is very dear to us. This is why with Teethan we have introduced another patient and doctor friendly digital tool able to enhance diagnostics in gnathology field.

Paolo Manzo

In our offices we use Teethan on a daily basis, it is a very useful and intuitive device because in a few steps it allows you to get clear information on the occlusion and patient’s muscles condition. Moreover it strongly enhances the relationship of confidence between the patient and the physician.

Francesco Anaclerico

After several occlusal evaluations carried out at different centers I work with, I believe that the Teethan exam is a very interesting subsidy to deepen the orthodontic investigation in a postural context.

Cristiano Prestini

Teethan is an investigation and monitoring  tool that has become essential in our practice. Integrate in a digital work flow also the occlusion analysis is a step forward for us and overall an excellent service for patients.

Alfonso Baruffaldi

I started using Teethan because finally we have a very easy-to-use and easy-to-read tool that in a short time provides an objective report (with a subsequent medicolegal value) of the patients clinical situation. From this perspective, we use it to analyze the initial condition, to assess the intermediate phases of rehabilitation and then as final check also over time. The various graphic representations are easy and intuitive also for the patient, thus making Teethan a great communication tool.

Andrea Parenti

Teethan offers an accurate, easy and intuitive functional evaluation of the muscular appearance of the mouth, both in adults who need a complete implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, in adolescents being treated for orthodontic reasons and in people interested in undergoing a simple screening for parafunctional habits.

Gloria Elia


Follow our free online educational webinars, dedicated to clinicians and dentists.

Follow our free online educational webinars, dedicated to clinicians and dentists.