Why Teethan

Teethan, the first completely wireless, medical device able to detect in an easy, quick and non-invasive way the scientific parameters of dental occlusion.

Digital Analysis

The exam consists of two measurements of muscle activity in maximum intercuspation: the first one, carried out by placing two cotton rolls between the upper and lower teeth, is for calibration; the second one, carried out in natural intercuspation, allows you to detect the occlusal parameters. Each test lasts 5 seconds and at the end Teethan generates the values of the recorded muscle activity.


At the end of the exam the report generated by Teethan is extremely clear and easy to interpret. The graphical summary of the collected data allows the patient to visually understand its occlusal condition and the interventions necessary to improve it.

Scientific Validity

Teethan operation is based on evidence of 20 years of scientific research: results that have shown the repeatability and reliability of the method and the scientific value of the obtained indices.

An indispensable device


To make Teethan truly manageable we have eliminated every wire: the probes communicate through wireless.

Very light probes

Each probe weighs 13.5 grams, so the patient can maintain them on even after the examination, for the entire duration of the visit.

Easy to use software

The time of the dentist has a value: that’s why Teethan’s software is simple and intuitive.

History exams just a click away

With the Teethan software, the dentist can access the patient’s examination history at any time. With a click you can compare the results, aided by simple and intuitive graphs.

Results comparable over time

Teethan has been equipped with the most modern protocols that guarantee objective indices and without any variability: the dentist can thus repeat the examination in different periods, monitoring the evolution of the indices over time.

Valuable support for clinical practice

Thanks to Teethan, the dentist can now measure what was previously observable only with physical examination but not quantifiable and comparable over time.
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