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The floor to those who use Teethan every day

What’s better than reading the words of those who use an instrument every day to understand its usefulness and functionality?

We chose Teethan because in a few simple steps it allows us to evaluate with extreme accuracy the occlusal balance of all our patients, from the first visit to the specialized orthodontic, prosthetic and implant-prosthetic treatments. Today, after more than two years of use, I can say that it has become an irreplaceable exam in daily practice.

– Dr. Antonino Cacioppo –

I deal with dysfunctional patients and I need to integrate clinical diagnosis with instrumental evaluations. I have many ways to objectify the situation of the temporomandibular joint, but there is only one indispensable system for assessing the function of the muscles and using data to balance the occlusion: Teethan.

– Dr. Alessandro Nanussi –

Here at MCO we really love technology to support in-depth diagnostics. This is why with Teethan we have introduced a further digital, patient and doctor-friendly tool able to enhance diagnostics in the gnathological field.

– Dr. Paolo Manzo –

In orthodontics the primary objective is to achieve ideal occlusion and above all to keep it stable. Teethan allows us a monitored finalization of the structures of the stomatognathic system in order to obtain an intercuspation that is stable and balanced over time.

– Dott. Ettore Accivile –

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