Proper dental occlusion ensures a satisfied patient

How Teethan can help you make your patients happy

Every job has its field of action. The dental  field is the mouth of patients who sit on their seats. And in this field everything can happen: from the quarterly oral hygiene to the removal or reconstruction of one or more teeth. All the services performed by dentists have in common the fact that, naturally, the occlusal status of the patients is involved every time.

An incorrect dental occlusion can give rise to functional problems Рsuch as phonation, chewing, swallowing or breathing Рor joint disorders, thus involving the temporomandibular joint. Without then  considering that in a misaligned dentition the risk of cavities and diseases of the oral cavity increases. For these reasons it is of fundamental importance to ensure to their patients always a correct and balanced occlusal state.

Thanks to Teethan, it is now possible to evaluate the occlusal condition of the patient in a few seconds. The exam with Teethan is simple, fast and not invasive. The device, in fact, is totally wireless and at the end of the visit provides a digital and easy-to-read report.

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