How was the 2018 Teethan Survey?

Find out what people who use Teethan think about it

Also this year we asked some questions to all those who use Teethan every day. The online survey consisted of 10 multiple choice questions aimed at questioning both the satisfaction of the specialist and that of the final customer. But we also investigated both the areas in which Teethan is most used and the level of assistance, support and training that Teethan’s staff offers to its entire community every day.

It is interesting to start from this fact: 90% of the specialists who use Teethan consider it a useful tool. This means not only that Teethan has become part of the study routine, but that it brings new value and a significant contribution to daily clinical activity.

The survey also shows that Teethan is mostly used for occlusal anomalies, for bite applications, in dysfunctional patients and those subjected to orthodontic treatments or with prostheses and implants.

The feedback expressed by the entire questionnaire tells then that Teethan is really an innovative tool, that helps in daily clinical practice, providing a report – clear and of immediate interpretation – that facilitates and simplifies communication with the patient.

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