An increasing number of people suffer from occlusal disorders that can affect mastication, swallowing and posture in a negative way, causing dental problems, muscle tension, headache, cervical pain, joint problems and a nagging feeling in closing the mouth.

What is Teethan
Not so long ago in order to detect the presence of malocclusion disorders the physician mainly used palpation and his gained experience in the field.
Today thanks to Teethan the dentist is able to detect in an easy, rapid and non-invasive way the scientific parameters of dental occlusion.
The Teethan exam lasts only 3 minutes and the specialist is able to decide the treatment and guide the therapy having available important and reliable information together with numerical data on the occlusal condition of the patient and on the activity of his mastication apparatus.

Why Teethan
• It allows an objective evaluation of the patient’s occlusal condition.
• It supports the clinical experience with quantitative data and objective measures.
• It allows a monitoring of the treatment evolution.
• It helps to better communicate with the patient.
• It legally protects in the event of disputes
• It increases the profitability of the studio.
• It facilitates dialogue with physiotherapists and posturologists.

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