Digital analysis of dental occlusion in just 3 minutes

With Teethan, the dentist can now measure what until today was detectable only with physical examination

Thanks to Teethan in just 3 minutes it is possible to evaluate the occlusal condition of the patient, obtaining a clear and simple report. How is it possible?

The examination with Teethan – a totally wireless surface EMG tool – consists of two tests to measure muscle activity in maximum intercuspation.

The first, performed by interposing two cotton rolls between the upper and lower arch, is of calibration; the second one, carried out in natural intercuspation, allows you to detect the parameters of the occlusion.

Each test lasts only a few seconds, after which Teethan processes the values ​​of the recorded muscle activity. The graphic synthesis of digital analysis of dental occlusion allows the patient to understand visually his occlusal condition and the interventions necessary to improve it.

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