5 reasons to get Teethan in your dental practice

Find out why your studio must have Teethan

First of all, what is Teethan? Teethan is the first medical device, totally wireless, able to detect the scientific parameters of dental occlusion in a simple, rapid and non-invasive way. It is therefore a highly innovative tool that has completely transformed the way and the technique used so far in the evaluation of the dental occlusion balance. If you’re still not convinced to request a free demo, read below the 5 reasons why it’s really worth having it in your dental practice.

1. It is easy and intuitive

The time of every professional is precious: for this reason Teethan’s software was designed to be simple, clear and intuitive. Thanks to this clearness, the graphic synthesis of the collected data allows the patient to understand, visually, his occlusal condition and the interventions necessary to improve it.

2. An exam in record time

The examination with Teethan lasts only 3 minutes, it is safe and completely painless. Four small probes are applied on the face in correspondence of temporal and masseter muscles. The patient performs some clenching tests, for about 5 seconds.

3. It increases the quality of work

Teethan is the result of over 20 years of studies that have shown the repeatability and reliability of the method, as well as the scientific value of the indices obtained. An extremely short time but enough to guarantee objective and comparable data over time.

4. Jump into the digital era

With Teethan, your dental practice is enriched with a new digital tool. In this way you can boast a cutting-edge studio that uses  tools that can provide increasingly accurate and objective assessments and analyses.

5. It protects legally, if needed

It protects legally, if needed

The digital analysis of the occlusion performed by Teethan allows you to document over time, with objective information, the patient’s starting conditions and the results obtained; additional protection in the event of medical-legal disputes.

If you have carefully read all five reasons, don’t you think it’s worth asking for a free demo in your studio??